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Affiliate Program

Who else wants Recurring Monthly Revenue?

Introduce your network and we’ll pay you a generous share of everything they spend.

And that means both one-off charges AND recurring monthly subscription packages.

It’s Marketing 101 – “It cost’s more to acquire a new customer, that it does to sell to an existing one”. So we think it’s only fair that if you’re short-circuiting the acquisition process for us, then we should share the costs saved with you.

But we know that our real profit comes from the Lifetime Customer Value – not just the initial sale. So instead of paying you an affiliate commission on only the initial sale to a customer you refer – we want to keep paying you every single month! For as long as the person (or company) remains a customer – and on everything they spend.

Your share of revenue is significant (ie: It’s worth having!) We don’t expect you to exchange your time and energy for a measly 10% or 15%. We don’t publish the exact rates on this page – everything is set out clearly an unambiguously in our Affiliate Info Pack

To find out more – and without committing yourself to anything – pop your details into the form on this page. We’ll send you an email with details of the Affiliate Programme, the exact rates of revenue share and how you could be up and running and earning commissions the same day

Do you have a list?

If you have an opted-in mailing list you’d like to promote to – we’re happy to create a custom campaign for you. Obviously, your list is exactly that – YOURS! We don’t want to see it or access it. We can help you with email copy, custom links, even your own co-branded landing page. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Do you run Events or Seminars?

We can provide a talk or workshop for your delegates, to add value to your event. Whether a general marketing overview, or a specific topic – your delegates will be consuming valuable, useful and highly relevant content. To find our more or to check date availability please email our events co-ordinator at events@outsmarketing.com or pop your details into the form on this page.