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Agency Program

Are you a Coach or Consultant?

Do you advise business owners on their marketing?

In the words of Peter Drucker, “Marketing and Innovation are the only things that make money. Everything else is a cost”.

Coaches and consultants tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face in getting their clients ‘unstuck’ is in getting the business owner to focus on their marketing, rather than personally carrying out the product or service delivery.

Interestingly though, even the business owners who ‘get it’ and commit at least a proportion of their time to marketing seem to think that means they have to get involved in learning how to build websites, or manage email lists etc. They still default to being (in E-Myth speak) the Technician and not the Entrepreneur. Not a good use of their time.

Those that do look to outsource are often faced with having to find five, or eight or twelve different suppliers to deliver the components they need to execute the marketing plan you have developed with them. A web-designer, a coder, a hosting company, email-list management, social media management, a copywriter, someone to manage Pay-Per-Click advertising like Google Adwords, a graphic desiger and printing company for their printed collatoral and so on.

Left to their own devices it’s highly likely the business owner will end up with:

A “mixed apology” of systems.

Suppliers who don’t want to talk to eachother.”

Suppliers who want to sell as much as possible.”

Disparate components that are not integrated.

Very little in the way of new prospects or customers.

and conclude “that marketing plan you wrote for me isn’t working”.

It’s all about the execution…

Of course, there was nothing wrong with the plan – it just wasn’t executed effectively.

We specialise in marketing implementation. That means we can translate the marketing plan you’ve agreed with your client into all the necessary components to run the system. With all the components designed and integrated to work together and with the goal of turning prospects into paying customers, clients or patients.

One point of contact, one point of responsibility, and a system that works.

An additional revenue stream from your clients.

You choose whether to simply refer clients to us, collaborate on a project together, or whitelabel our services to add to your existing coaching and consulting offerings. We have generous commission / revenue-share terms.

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