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Facebook Holiday Calendar App

Facebook Holiday Calendar App

Encourage more visitor interaction, repeat visits and sharing with a custom holiday calendar app for your Facebook Fan Page.

Choose how many days you want to run your promotion for and what you’d like the gift for each day to be.

Gifts don’t have to be physical products – so you needn’t have a big budget.

What can you give away?

The possibilities are endless, but the best business benefit comes from giving away something relevant to the product or service you provide.

  • Discount Coupons
  • Downloadable content
  • A video
  • Entry to a competition (great for capturing leads!)
  • Partnering up with another business to promote their offer
  • A free trial
  • One of your front-end products
  • Anything else you can think of!

Because one panel is unlocked each day of your promotion, your visitors will want to come back to see what the next gift will be.

They’re also encouraged to share with their friends – spreading the word and bringing new visitors to your page.

Gain more Likes for your page too

If you wish, you can require new visitors to Like your page before they can access your Holiday Calendar. The more likes your page has, the more your potential reach when you post new updates and content to your page.

Call us now on 020 3397 4661 and you can have your own Holiday Calendar App installed and running ready for this holiday season.