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Twitter Account

Twitter has more that 230m active users, and surveys have revealed that over 50% of them follow companies, brands and products on Twitter

You can use Twitter to keep in front of your existing customers, and to seek out new prospects – people who are actively searching every day for your products and services.

To represent your brand professionally on Twitter you need well designed, customised branding.

Instead of spending time – that you should be using to run your business – trying to create your Twitter profile from scratch, you can have a professionally designed Twitter profile set up for you.

The process includes:

Creating your Twitter Profile

If you’ve yet to create a Twitter account, we’ll set one up from scratch for you.

Completing your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter Bio is a short description that others see when they view your profile. There’s not much space – so it’s important to utilise every word to entice viewers to follow you. We’ll craft a powerful bio as well as making sure that it links to your website.

Twitter Profile Picture, Profile Background and Page Background Graphics

The default profile avatar for a Twitter account is an egg shape – not the most inspiring image to encourage prospects and customers to follow you. We’ll create an Avatar from your company logo – or you can use a picture of yourself. The background of your Bio area can also be customised to match your branding and to help you stand out.
Lastly, we’ll also professionally design a page background to tie everything together.

Setting up your Twitter profile is included at no additional cost in all of our Monthly Marketing Packages or is available as a stand-alone service from £79+VAT

To find out more, or to get started straight away – give us a call on 020 3397 4661 or contact us via email or social media.

We’re always happy to have a chat, even if it’s just something your considering for the future.