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Domain Names

The internet works on numbers –but that’s not so good for humans:

Could you remember to enter in your browser when you wanted to do a search? No, us neither – so it’s just as well that http://google.com will get you to the same place.

A domain name is a unique name for identifying your website, and is part of your online presence.

What to consider when choosing a domain name for your business:

[If you haven’t started your business yet – you’d be well advised to check the availability of your intended company name as a domain name and for social media profiles before committing to anything!]

When you tell someone your domain name – do they get it?

Funky spelling and abbreviations may be in vogue right now, but if you can’t easily explain your domain name verbally – you might want to reconsider.
For example if you told someone your website was “more profit for you dot com” would they know if you’d spelt it moreprofit4you.com or moreprofitforu.com or moreprofit4u.com

Geographic References

Whilst it might help your search rankings to include your coverage area in your domain name, what happens when you grow your business and start trading across a wider geographic area?
Super Widgets might choose superwidgetsessex.co.uk to begin with – but how relevant will that be when they expand to the Midlands?

To Hyphenate of Not to Hyphenate

No punctuation or special symbols are permitted in a domain name, with the exception of a hyphen.

Should you hyphenate words in your domain name?

Well, it might make it easier to read when it’s printed on your literature, but it can get a bit messy trying to tell someone to visit “more dash profit dash for dash you dot com”
Sometime people register the hyphenated version of a domain name because the non-hyphenated version has already been registered by a competitor. If your visitors forget the hyphens you could be unwittingly sending them off to your competitors.

Keep it short

The maximum length for a domain name is sixty-three characters.

Generally speaking, the shorter and simpler the name, the more likely it is that people will remember your domain and be able to type it in without making mistakes.

To find out more about registering your business domain names, get in touch today.