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Email Addresses

What does your email address say about your business?

Your email address is part of the impression you make on your prospects or customers. If you’re using a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar address – you’re letting the side down.
It looks like you’re not serious about your business; and if your prospects and customers think you don’t take your business seriously – you can hardly expect them to.

Which looks more professional?

mary126@yahoo.com or mary@mybusiness.com

The thing is, it’s not difficult and it needn’t be expensive. All of our monthly marketing packages include professional email address.
You can access your email from a web browser, mobiles and tablets or from email software like Outlook.

And you can still keep your old email address if you want to, and have mail to your company address automatically forwarded to your inbox.

Get in touch today and find how easy it it to get your email address looking as professional as the rest of your business.