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Website Design

Start with your “Why”

As a general statement these days, it’s safe to say that your business needs some form of online presence – and usually that includes a website.
But that can lead business owners to look at getting a website as just another thing to tick off the list of stuff to do – without ever thinking about why they want a website.

Why do you want a website?
– Because everyone else has got one? (Hint: that’s the wrong answer)

What’s it for?
– Lead Generation
– Ecommerce
– Education
– Customer Support
– Branding / Positioning

Who’s going to look at it?
– Your existing customers?
– Your existing prospects?
– People searching for the products and services you provide?

What do you want your visitors to do once they get there?
– Pick up the phone and call you?
– Fill in an enquiry form?
– Join your email list?
– Buy something off the page?

The chances are it’s a combination of more than one of the above – but it’s important to get clear on your reasons for having a site before you get carried away with what it’s going to look like.

Websites to DIY for.

There are three options for creating your new website:
Do it yourself from scratch
Use a ‘Website Builder’ template
Let a professional do it for you.

Call us biased, but we’d suggest option three – let a professional do it for you.

You are a business owner. Small business owners wear enough hats without adding the ‘Web Design’ and ‘Web Development’ hats as well. Why would you want to spend time learning HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and responsive design techniques to build your own website? That’s time you could spend running your business and acquiring more customers – a far better use of your time!

Ok, you’re not convinced. I’ve put you off doing it from scratch – but wait – you could shortcut the process and use one of those website builders they advertise on the TV, couldn’t you?
Well, you could, even though you’re still investing quite a bit of time into the actual production of your site. You want to stand out from your competitors, right? You want to differentiate your business so your prospects can clearly see why you are the right choice for them, yes?

So, why would you want to conform to what a Website Builder Template thinks your business should look like? Oh, you’re an Architect – here’s the Architect website template. This is what Architects look like. This is what you should look like too…

“You cannot differentiate your business by looking like, doing and saying the same as your competitors”

So now, we’ve destroyed your first two options and you’re left with option three – Let a professional do it for you. (See what we did there?)

But why us? There are thousands of Web Designers out there after all.
Well, you should have us design your website because we’re not web designers.


Exactly! Now don’t get us wrong. We love designers – some of our best friends are designers. It’s just on the whole, designers focus on what looks cool and pretty rather than on what gets the results you’re expecting (An opt-in, a phone call… remember?)

When you have us build your website we look at three areas:

No 1 is Getting the result
Would you rather have the coolest looking website that generated no sales, or an ugly one that delivered targeted, profitable sales leads day in, day out?

No 2 is getting the mechanics right
There’s an awful lot that goes on behind your website that affects how reliable it is, how quickly it loads, how secure it is – and whether Google looks on it favourably or not (nothing to do with keywords). Get this wrong and will cost you time, money and heartache down the line.

No 3 is the Design
See, told you. We love designers really. It’s still important that a site is impactful, visually appealing and congruent with your brand values. That’s what designers do really well. So between us, we use our un-patented ISO9001 compliant arguing process to make sure that the final product looks great, delivers results and is solid and reliable too.

Take the next step today, and get it touch for a chat.