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How Does It Work

How Does It Work?


One Off Tasks – When you know what you want

Frustrating isn’t it? When you know what you want done, but any suppliers you approach would rather pitch what they want to sell you instead. Endless calls later, the little voice in your head is shouting “I just want to – fill in the blank – why is that so difficult?”

I just want to….

  • add just one more page to my website – not have a £5000 site redesign.
  • get setup on Google Adwords – not spend £1000 a month on a ‘Managed Account’
  • put up a Landing Page to capture leads – not have a whole ‘inbound marketing programme’
  • send an advertising postcard to my prospects – without having to print ten thousand of them

With the ‘One Off Tasks’ service the answer to your “I just want to…..” is “Okay, no problem”.

No pitches, no up-sells.

Tell us what you want to do. We’ll ask some questions to make sure we’ve understood properly.
We’ll tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Once you give us the nod, we’ll make it happen. Then, when it’s done – and you’re happy – we get paid.

If you’re not happy – tell us, and we’ll make it right until you are.

And if you’re sure you’ll never be happy – you don’t pay us at all…..But that’s really unlikely :)


Marketing Strategy and Implementation

If you’re not actively marketing your business, or you’re doing lots of standalone things (we call them random acts of marketing) it would probably make sense to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

This starts with a Marketing Audit to see exactly what you’ve got in place already, where the gaps might be and what dormant marketing assets may already be lying untapped in your business.

Then together, we’ll craft an overall marketing strategy for your business and put an implementation time line to the plan.
Next we’ll identify all the individual components of the plan and you decide which parts (if any) you want us to get done for you.

Depending on your preference we can price for each component, or agree a monthly plan that fits in with your budget.

Whichever method you choose there is always flexibility built in. So if after a couple of months you decide you’d like to do (for example) more SEO and less Social Media – that’s fine. We’ll adjust the plan to suit.

Or if you decide to exhibit at a trade event that wasn’t in the original plan, we can do some work around that instead of or as well as your planned items.

And our guarantee still stands. Even if you’ve opted for  a monthly payment plan, if you’re not happy with anything we’ll either rework it, credit it or refund it.