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How to bulk upload and schedule Facebook posts for your page

Using social media for your business is all about interaction, yes?

Responding to your fans’ comments and posts, posting relevant and timely content and so on.

But – keeping a constant feed of posts going on your page is hard work – and takes a lot of time.

Facebook already allows you to schedule posts in advance – which is very handy. You can put together status updates, photo and video posts for a week or a month and have the publish to your page as and when you want them.

It’s still hard work though, as you have to manually create every post, upload every photo, and then click in the drop down boxes to set the date and time for every post.

You could use tools like Hootsuite to help automate the process – but when your posts are published, tools like that have a tell-tale caption in the post, like “…Via Hootsuite”. This lets your fans know that you used an automated tool, and that you’re not “actually” posting it.

Have you noticed that if you use the Facebook scheduled post, that tell-tale tag doesn’t appear?

In this video, you’ll see our FB Scheduled software in action. With this tool you can schedule literally hundreds of updates in just a few clicks – with no tell-tale banner.

You can post text-only status updates, links and photos too. The photos don’t even have to be on your PC – you can grab them from anywhere on the internet.

You can schedule out regular updates, event reminders, funny-photo-of-the-week posts – or whatever else takes your fancy.

This means you have the time to reply to your fans and post ocassional live status updates, whilst the “bread and butter” posts are happening automatically.

Find our more at http://www.outsmarketing.com

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  • Nagendran Ponnan October 21, 2014, 11:30

    I am interested on this software. where should I get this?

  • Prasannjeet Singh April 19, 2015, 14:29

    Hello, I am interested in this wordpress plugin. How can I get this? I see you have not provided any link to buy/download it. Thanks.

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