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What’s Retargeting?

Retargeting is a type of online advertising which displays adverts only to visitors who have previously visited your website. Typically, only a very small percentage of visitors take action on their first visit to your site. Around 98% of visitors leave without buying, or opting in to your list: They come, they go – and you have no idea who they are. Retargeting give you the opportunity to advertise specifically to these visitors to entice them back to your site, or to keep your brand and message in their minds.


Each time someone visits your site, a ‘cookie’ (a tiny file) is stored by their web browser. Our advertising platform makes use of the cookie, making sure that your adverts are shown only to your previous visitors, as they view other sites on the internet.

This is how you are able to follow your anonymous visitors around the internet

Two of the factors that make retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) an effective strategy are that it (a) allows you to narrow your audience to just those that have already had exposure to your branding and have indicated at least a general interest recently. And (b) can generates a better Return On Investment than advertising to a general audience or bidding against your competitors for relevant keywords.


You could run a stand-alone retargeting campaign, but like any marketing tool, you will get dramatically better results by using it as part of your overall marketing system.
For example, retargeting is a formidable tool for bringing visitors back to your site and improving conversions – but your conversion rate also depends on the quality of the copy on the page and how compelling the call to action is.

Similarly, retargeting is not a way of driving new traffic to your site. There’s no real benefit to retargeting visitors – if nobody’s coming in the first place.
Imagine though, volumes of traffic generated from social media, other pay-per-click advertising etc. – now leveraged relatively cheaply though retargeting – and driven to a well written, high-converting landing page.