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Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio.

A full assessment of your current situation

Craft a clear, overall master plan for your business

All the elements of your plan scheduled for action

Take all the planning – and make it actually happen

Plan in detail the 6 stages of your perfect customer lifecycle.

Your marketing engine running on autopilot

Communicate with your prospects and customers.

Leverage the power of other people’s customers.

Clean, purposeful site design without the smoke and mirrors.

A fast, reliable and sensibly priced space for your website to live in.

Standalone web pages for lead generation

Maintain your page, make tweaks and updates, add new content quickly and easily.

Set up your Facebook Page, Cover & Profile Images.

Create rich content and capture leads from within your Facebook Page

Run a contest that rewards your fans for sharing your content with their friends

Maintain your page, post regular updates and interact with your fans

Track visitor numbers and behaviours to improve your marketing message.

Maximise conversion by constantly testing different versions of your message

Accept orders and payments online for your goods and services.

Improve your search engine rankings

Create rich content and capture leads from within your Facebook Page

Set up your PPC Campaigns properly, and stop burning through your budget.

More control, more secure than Youtube.

Alternatives to live broadcast service providers.

Send even a single letter or postcard automatically

Send text messages to your prospects and customers automatically.